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Dino is our second show Gordon Setter. He was out of a breeding by  Karrelene Kennels  and Ruggles O'Redgap Kennels, both from Fowlerville, Michigan. His litter consisted of five boys and was named the Rat Pack litter. Thus we adopted the nickname of Dean Martin (Dino) who was know as "The Toastmaster". Birdsense is the name of his game. Dino has excelled in the field and currently holds an Advanced Junior Hunter title, which he earned in the Arizona desert in 2012 at the age of 3. He is in training for Senior and we have plans to move him on to Master Hunter. Once  again, Ben Garcia of Hideaway Kennels has been responsible for Dino's excellence in the field.
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BlueTrane Gordons Gifts
Find more unique gifts at 
BlueTrane Gordons Gifts
Ruggles O'Redgap Toasmaster To Karrelene JHA
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